Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have just finished my interview with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. It was far more than even I had anticipated. He was every open and very upfront with his statements.
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Among other things, I asked him:

1. When on the moon, did you see any structures that appeared to be artificial in origin?

2. Are you aware of McClelland's statements that he saw, on NASA monitors while he worked there, an ET in the cargo bay of the Shuttle with two astronauts.

3. Why have you come to the conclusion that the Roswell crash in 1947 was an alien craft?

Just a peek into one of his answers:

On the Roswell incident he says it was confirmed to him by the Pentagon.

This interview is just over an hour in length. After we hear the entire interview this evening, I will open the phone lines for your thoughts and comments.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Genuine Space Pioneer Speaks Out

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Ph.D from MIT), is one of the true pioneers of space exploration and planetary travel. He is the 6th man to stand on the moon along with Commander Alan Shepard, the first American in space.

Theirs was a monumental mission in that they took over the mission that was supposed to have been the mission of Apollo 13. Just as Apollo 13 encountered problems, Apollo 14 also encountered problems that could have aborted the mission.

It was the quick work of NASA scientists and Edgar Mitchell, with only seconds to spare, that made it possible for the mission to continue as planned.

Dr. Mitchell talks about what he saw on the moon, what he did not see, his experience of epiphany on his return trip, why he has concluded the Roswell crash was an alien craft, and much more.

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