Tuesday, July 8, 2008


July 11th,CNN's Larry King Live will feature MUFON State Director, Ken Cherry, Journalist Angelia Joiner and Seth Shostak.

By, MUFON Field Investigator Terry Groff
and Virtually Strange's UFO Updates

MUFON Texas State Director Ken Cherry, Journalist Angelia Joiner and one of our favorite skepti-bunkers Seth Shostak will be on Larry King this Friday, July 11. 8:00 p.m. Central.

Oddly there are points where Cherry and I may be agreeing with Shostak, particularly about the Caron Video and the Mike Zimmerman sighting of January 31 during the Stephenville flap.

Caron, as you may know, videotaped an object for 15 minutes with his camera set on night mode. The result was a series of "hieroglyphic" images. We contend he was actually videotaping the star Arcturus.

Zimmerman arose at about 6:05am on January 31st to see three objects, two of which sent out beams of light. We contend he was viewing the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. I know it's a cliche but this time it's true.

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July 18th, CNN's Larry King Live will feature Robert Hastings, two former USAF missileers, Bob Jacobs and Stanton Friedman.

Simply, if you glance at the address links below, you'll see where the show on the 18th is going to go.

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Rhoda said...

For anyone doubting existence of life on other planets. I am a believer in the bible and I have recently been directed to look at Revelation 12:12. It says "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them." (King James Version). There are three heavens (our sky, space, and heaven itself). The verse above is plural when it talks about those that "dwell" in the heavens. Dwell means to "live" somewhere. Let those that believe the bible to be true ponder on this.