Friday, July 11, 2008


As the mother of an Indigo Child, I thought to create this post for all of the parents of Indigo Children for their continuing needs, assistance and direction.

We Are The Rainbow Warriors

We Will Change The World!

Indigo Children

Indigo Life Center

Indigo Social Center

Indigo Spiritual Healings

Indigo Evolution

Now Noah-Crystal, Indigo and Star Child


noahnow said...

You have an interesting site here. There is definitely a relationship between Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children and the paranormal/ufo explanations.


I write a blog that deals with some of the other aspects of Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children. The blog attempts to explain why they are here and how some have forgotten that purpose.

Possibly some of these explanations will help you with your work

Here is the link:


Alien Contactee said...

Thank you for your comments. I read where you have 30 years under your belt so I felt immediately compelled to include you in the post below the others. I'm going to be changing it somewhat however - a little later today.
Thanks again, Eileen

NoahNow said...

Eileen -

I just watched the video about the Rainbow Warriors. My blog is an attempt to explain to the Rainbow Warriors why they are here, the state of the current situation, and how we can be acheiving the objectives pointed out in the video.

In the last three weeks I have made a start on all those objectives. To me the tags "Rainbow Warrior" or Crystal Child" or "Starseed" are immaterial. Anyone who wants to work towards the making the planet a better place to live through awakening the spirituality of the inhabitants is welcome on the quest.

Hopefully, the blog is start on formalizing and concretizing that quest.

Another totally separate topic - where should I make commetns about UFOs? I might have some things to share in that area as well.


Alien Contactee said...

You can comment just about anywhere if it pertains but then again if it's an older story, nobody will probably see it.

I have a forum, which would be a more practical place and you don't have to register to post either.

Go here and then scroll down until you see UFOs flying around the earth. That's the "UFO SIGHTINGS WORLD WIDE" section. I'm sure you'll find a place to post what it is you have.

Don't worry if it's not a sighting because I can always move it and besides you'll see other possibilities of threads in there if need be.

While you're in there, you might be might want to take a look at the Alien Contactee section for that matter so take a looksie. Just look for the alien section on the front board.