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JUNE 7, 2007 - CAMAS, WASHINGTON was visited by a drone similar to those found in California during the same time frame.

Another drone UFO witness comes forward bringing the total drone witness count to 38 throughout 9 different states. Camas, Washington was visited by a drone similar to those found in the Big Basin area and Saratoga, California one day after those two previous sightings. Eye-witness Brent came forward after catching the more recent FOX American Newsroom interview with private investigators Frankie Dixon and T.K. Davis. Shortly thereafter, eye-witness Brent contacted the private investigators and telephone calls were then followed up by Drone Research Team member Anthony Tekatch, aka: OnTheFence. Calls and emails pursued with OnTheFence and Brent over the last 6 weeks in order to gather this complete report.

With the release of this report, it is the intention of the Drone Research Team (DRT) to help other such witnesses feel comfortable coming forward. Witnesses can contact the DRT at


• Witness: Brent

• Reporter: DRT Member

• Date of report: Friday March 21, 2008 6:00 EST

• Method: Over telephone with email follow-ups

• Initial contact method: Brent wrote to the Private Investigators hired by the DRT

• Initial contact reason: Brent saw a FOX TV interview posted on the web news portal with pictures of craft similar to his sighting.


• Date of sighting: Thursday June 7, 2007

• Time of sighting: Before dusk

• Weather conditions: Sunny clear

• Location: Camas Washington, USA


• Color: It had a gold or brass color, reflecting sunlight.

• Sound: It made sound something like TV off air and static.

• Movement: It took off easterly direction. It stopped and rotated. The long fin was the leading direction.

• Shape: There was no place for occupants. It was bigger than Brent's car, estimate 40 ft long. It did not have much thickness, narrow, maybe 4-5" thick. It had an opening in center.

• Other details: There appeared to be windings like on a motor. It had some sort of antenna arrangement on the top as can be seen in Brent's painting. It appeared to be malfunctioning. It stopped about 150 yards away from Brent when he was looking at it. He said that he felt it knew he was looking at it.


• Other interesting notes: Emergency vehicles were heading West in the direction that the object came from, while object was heading East.

• Follow-up: Brent could not find any news about the emergency vehicle commotion in any of the papers. He checked The Oregonian, The Vancouver, and the local Camas newspaper.

• Other witnesses: Brent's friend is located 2 miles away saw the same object. It appeared like it had two gold colored lights, but may have actually been sunlight reflecting on the appendages.

Explained further into this report, eye-witness Brent did not have a camera in his possession while driving. Brent has put together some drawings of what it was he saw. The following pictures are Brent’s drawings.


This following is a testimonial report from Brent written in March 2008.

How does one go about telling his friends and family, that for the past year that you thought you had "gone around the bend" so to speak. I guess that you don't. Well' I didn't anyway. What made me change my mind about a week ago? I finally have someone that can verify my story. No, I have 5 different people with stories similar to my story, and thank God that they were together enough to think to grab their cameras and snap some photographs. Me, being a complete and utter idiot, I was too taken in by the thing to even think about the camera that was in my glove box. I was just too freaked out, and I suppose that I went into some kind of shock.

Here's how things unfolded. I was returning from down town Camas, and as I'm coming up the hill a couple of police cars went blazing by me with their blue lights going, and sirens blaring. I really didn't think anything of it and I pulled back out into the road and proceeded about another quarter of a mile.

Next thing you know as I'm rounding the corner coming up to the intersection of Lake Road and Northeast Everett Street, here comes another couple of police vehicles, as well as a fire truck and a couple of emergency rescue vehicles as well. I pull over and they go tearing by. I'm thinking, it has to have been a really bad accident, so I pull out onto the street and get into the left hand turn lane off Everett, to turn onto Lake Road and 3 more police cars went tearing by. Well my buddy lives right up the road on the left and they weren't stopping there so I got a left turn arrow and proceeded up the hill.

It was a fairly nice day out that day and it was approaching dusk and as I am going up the hill, I kept looking down toward the lake to see if I could see whether or not the police and crew were headed up Ledbetter road along the lake front. I didn't see them the whole length of the lake on Ledbetter. So as I'm almost to the top of the hill, I noticed what seemed like faint static coming over my stereo, and realizing that I had a CD playing, I pushed the eject button. The CD popped out and the static continued, so I turned the volume down, but I could still hear this static crackling sound and it was very loud. I had the sunroof tilted up like always so I could hear a little wind noise, Therefore I was thinking that I had run over a branch or something similar, and I was dragging it down the road, or something to that effect. I rolled down my driver's side window and the passenger window and noticed that it was getting louder and seemed to be coming from the right side of my car.

I'm going fairly slow by this point and I'm almost to the top of the hill and although I was slowing the car down, the sound kept getting more and more intense, that's when I saw what I would first describe in my mind as a very thin helicopter, coming toward me, like the kind that I've seen them use in Ariel Logging operations. As this thing came closer and it was very close to where I was, I would say within 150 or so yards away from where I had stopped my car, and this thing was about level with my window as it was above the Lacamas Lake just beyond where Lake Road meets Northwest Sierra Street. An excellent view of Lacamas Shores and this craft.

I very soon realized that this thing that I was seeing wasn't anything like I had ever witnessed in my life, I got goose bumps all over and it was at that moment that I knew, we are definitely not alone, and all I could do was stare, with my mouth wide open in awe. I stood there leaning on my car with a nice Olympus Digital Camera in my glove box and I'm sitting there having a close encounter and I don't even think about it, I just froze. There wasn't a person or a car in sight, it was eerie quiet, because I thought if someone else would acknowledge this thing I would know that I'm not having some sort of Acid flashback but there wasn't a car, motorcycle, no joggers, bicycles nothing. This thing stopped straight out to my right over the lake. The body of it looked as if it were white and gold and the thing that kept coming to mind was the windings on a transformer.

It looked like a bunch of windings bound together by large white like collars that actually rotated when the thing turned and zipped off. I actually felt like this thing was aware of me and that it wasn't all to happy with me for observing it, but it appeared to be malfunctioning wherein the noise was like crackling static, and as it made these noises as crazy as this sounds, the thing seemed like it kind of twitched. As the arms on this thing rotated it did so without tilting or moving vertical at all. It spun around on a perfect axis and it was gone in a couple of flicks. The thing moved to the East very fast, and the first thing that came to mind for me was that this thing was headed right up towards Bonneville Dam.

Needless to say, after all the emergency vehicles went by my friend Tim's place, (he lives on Everett Street) he came out into the yard and was smoking a cigarette and he saw and heard this as well. Same static sound and his view of it he said that it appeared to be illuminated on the blades/wings facing forward, he thought it was a helicopter a well at first but the noise it made gave it away. No typical mechanical acceleration sounds, no thrust sounds, just static.

The reason I say that is because (you'll think I'm nuts) the first one actually seemed like it was aware that I was looking at it, and it knew that wasn't good. I don't know why, I just know I could feel it. Also, just prior to this craft began moving along, I could smell what seemed like ozone, or even a burning circuit board.

The down side to this whole sighting has been the huge emotional part of it. I was raised to believe in God and the bible and all of the trimmings. I went to a Catholic school and have been a God fearing creature for most of my life. This sighting has had a profound effect on my ability to negotiate moving around outside without staring up into the sky.


After asking Brent to describe which of the existing drone craft images his object looked like, he had the following to say relating it to one of the images from the Isaac drone inventory.

"It was very much like what you see below; at least the body of it was. It brings to mind the windings on a transformer."

This picture above is also related to the Ty and Stephen Big Basin drones.

MARCH 21, 2008



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